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GeoBook Studio, a pioneer of Big History


GeoBook Studio is a small, specialized research and publishing group which produces a variety of publications including interactive electronic books, printed books, animations, educational support materials and lectures in an innovative format.


We are dedicated to making planetary changes, scientific concepts, historic patterns easier to grasp. Our flagship publication is The Biggest Picture: From the Formation of Atoms to the Emergence of Societies


Our method is to combine illustrations along with text in a brand new format that seeks to reduce the workload on the reader, rendering otherwise complex subjects discernible through a macro lens. We aim to eliminate drudgery from learning and to make the understanding of complex subjects entertaining, or at least fulfilling and efficient. We understand that humans must learn to enjoy or at least cope with a high load of information to meet current challenges. Humans drew pictures before they invented writing. Writing was so superior to pictographs that text became the dominant form of information flow. Now with the advent of computers and digital cameras, the cycle has come full circle and graphics can be reintegrated with text. Marketing firms have been exploiting this new medium, although for their own limited and not necessarily noble purposes, while academia has been slower to catch on.

Praise for The Biggest Picture ...

"With high quality illustrations and a crisp and lively write up, this book is a worthy addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in oneself or one's surroundings."


Roy T. James, Readers' Favorite

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