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The world of GeoBook Studio is part of the larger "big history" field, which involves forward-thinking scholars, writers, editors and publishers worldwide.  From time to time we post relevant events and links here reflecting the work of this dynamic community.


IBHA 5th Global Conference in India
From August 1st-5th, 2021, GeoBook Studio will attend the 5th Global Conference of the International Big History Association & Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, focusing on the theme of “Changing the World: Community, Science, and Engagement with Big History.”

On Monday, August 2, 2021, GeoBook Studio president Wendy Curtis will present at the Big History Author's Roundtable, from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (India Time). Other authors in attendance include David Christian, David LePoire and Andrey Korotayev, and Spencer Striker. To attend virtually, please register at the link below.


Big History Project reports 2017-18 impacts


Over the 2017-18 school year, the Big History Project (BHP) conducted studies to measure student learning and student and teacher perceptions of the BHP course. Based on past growth, it is projected that BHP will reach 1,800 schools in the 2018/19 school year and over 2,000 in 2019/20. Schools that teach BHP exist around the world, on almost every continent.


A Big History of Everything in 18'


David Christian, a member of the Australian Academy of the Humanities and founding partner the "Big History Project" for high schools, delivers a complete history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the Internet, in this TED talk from 2011

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